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PRE-ORDER Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer Cordless Powered Knapsack

PRE-ORDER Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer Cordless Powered Knapsack

Ref: SXMD16E


The Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer is a dual function, powered sprayer. It can be used either in wheeled mode, as shown here, or in backpack/knapsack mode. The unit has a recargeable battery built in. Simply fill the tank up and switch on, and you are ready to spray with no effort required! Pull or push the wheeled trolley and spray at the same time. The unit is easily removed from the wheels without tools and comes complete with the straps required to wear the sprayer as a backpack. No pumping required, the battery will provide plenty of power for many 100's of litres of water on a single charge.

The fantastic new Cordless Electric Knapsack sprayer with wheeled trailer. This lightweight versatile Sprayer offers the convenience of a go anywhere Knapsack sprayer without the need for constant pumping. Supplied with strong padded shoulder harness and ergonomic tank engineered to match the body's contours making it comfortable to ware for long periods of spraying. The trigger has a locking function for constant spraying to reduce hand fatigue. Simple easy control of pump pressure can be set to your desired requirements by a rotary knob, High settings are great for a dense spray to cover large areas while low pressures are ideal to obtain a light mist for delicate work. The Sprayer is supplied with an automatic battery charger and fitted with a Battery volt meter and Battery low warning alarm.

Wheeled Trailer:
We also include a unique detectable wheeled trailer with telescopic towing handle, this is ideal if you unable or prefer not to carry the weight of a sprayer on you back, its extremely well balanced and easy to wheel around you garden. The trailer has a storage compartment to neatly store the shoulder straps and spare nozzles.

* 16L Cordless Knapsack Sprayer with convertible Wheeled trailer
* Pump: Electric diaphragm pump
* Working Pressure: 0.20~4.5 bar
* Battery: 12V 7Ah (SLA Maintenance Free?
* Charger: Input AC100-240V~50/60Hz Output 12V DC 1.3A
* Overall Size : 340300730mm
* Sprayer Weight: 5.6kg
* Trailer Weight 2.2k
* Capacity of Tank: 16L
* Locking Trigger
* Battery Low audible warning.

Supplied with 4 Nozzles:-
Cone spraying nozzle 3.0~4.5 bar
Double spraying nozzle 2.5 ~4.0 bar
Fan spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bar
Four-hole spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bat

Supplied with:-
Spray wand, Spray hose, inlet strainer, harness, wheeled trailer and 4 Spray Nozzles

Brass Lance - ordered separatey. Product Code: SX-L46

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